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Friday, November 18, 2022

And Now There's Xbox 360 in Your Playstation

 Game Type DX is out this week on Playstation 4 and 5!

This is my last remaster of my older XBLIG games for consoles and it does have some new nice features if you played it long ago. And it's gotten some good reviews, and is a solid "high-score" style shmup even if you've not played it! Please consider buying it as it's super fun, has 2-player mode, and is only $5.99. Thanks!

Here's what critics have said so far:

What's in the game?
Well half the draw is a complete Xbox 360 style menu system, within the game, replete with bad gaming jokes and nonsense from 2011. Yes, it's like an interactive time capsule filled with puns and satire. 

The shmup part of the game now has 3 different game modes, and each one has an infinite or 3-minute option. There's lots of new enemies, and even power-ups and "power-downs"! Plus there's online leaderboards on each console, which is perfect for a high-score shooter like this. 

Every so often, there's even a "power-up swarm" that flies through quickly.
Some are power-downs though!

Here's where to grab it on every console and region!


Switch NA: 

Switch EU:




You can get the game in "Original Xbox 360"

Or "Nintendo Switch Red"


And now "Sony Blue"!

Happy shooting, and I hope to see you on the leaderboards!