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Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

From the card:
* Serious Sam Double D in the Steam Holiday Sale:
50% off, only $3.99!

* Check out Xbox dashboard satire Game Type!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Xbox Dashboard Helps Indie Game


December 21, 2011 (Louisville, KY) – Shoot 'em up "Game Type" launches on the Xbox 360 after Microsoft reserved a special tile on the dashboard for the game since the new Fall update.

Mommy's Best Games, creators of Shoot 1UP, present a new, coop shoot 'em up in which you pilot the iconic Hoodie Girl to battle the evil MediaBall.
"Game Type" box art
Think you have what it takes to explode angry cats and raging SUVs into showers of cash? Show the world with the shared, online high scores table. Game Type is a "score attack"-style game in which you zoom your way through bizarre enemies, going for the high score, all while the game-speed continues to climb. Bring in a friend and fire your Kick Beams for extra power--PARKOUR!

Xbox 360 Fall Dashboard update, Game Marketplace (note Game Type tile in upper right--Sweet!)

"I've been thrilled Microsoft created the special dashboard tile just for our game. It's such a terrible name which I created as a placeholder while starting the project." reveals lead designer Nathan Fouts. "With the incongruous stock photo of a woman in a hoodie doing a jump-kick, and the forgettable 'Game Type' title, it's good to know Microsoft was advertising our poorly-named game, and not trying to label the console's entire digital game storefront. Otherwise, it'd be a horrible match that would simply make no sense and generally lead fewer gamers to find the store and browse on their own terms."

Check out "Game Type" on Xbox Live Indie Games. Find it in the Xbox 360 Games Marketplace. Or just do a search on it. Otherwise, you'll probably get lost in the dashboard, stuck watching advertisement for TV shows.

Game Type marketplace link

Game Type screens, click to zoom:

Will you be able to find "Game Type" on the MediaBall dashboard? It's in there somewhere!

Hoodie Girl slaps some sense into these flying nasties!
Award-winning shows like "Fat Guy and Pretty Girl" now streamable on your console!

Hut-hut-hut! Watch out Hoodie Girl!

Deliver swift justice with the Kick Beam in 2-player mode. PARKOUR!
Gameplay footage:

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