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Friday, April 24, 2015

Finger Derpy is Released!

We just released a new game, and it's called Finger Derpy!
You can play it now! It's out for iPhones/iPads:
And it's on Android phones and tablets on Google Play:

The game answers the age-old question--what if horses controlled like canoes and they had rubber necks?
The game's control system is unique. Instead of automatically running, you have to control your horses front hooves, with your two fingers to get the horse to run. Tapping left, turns your horse forward and to the right. Tapping right, turns him left. It feels backwards, but you can get the hang of it after a bit of practice.

The game takes place in a stylized version of nearby Louisville KY, and we even partnered with local, iconic businesses to lend more authenticity to the experience. Places like Muhammad Ali Center, KY Science Center, Louisville Stoneware, CenterStage at the JCC, Louisville Orchestra and more are *in* the game!

The player dodges the Foucault pendulum from the Kentucky Science Center on Main St.
How? Well each business has a unique gameplay element. For instance the Orchestra has timpani drums, the sound from which can knock the player's horse around. Stoneware has floating teapots that the player can dodge or crash through!

A group of teapots from Louisville Stoneware circle in the tobacco fields.

The Solo mode let's you upgrade your horse, and unlock new horse breeds with new special powers, so there's considerable depth, even though it's a mobile game.
The Party mode is very unique in that it allows up to 4 players to race each other, all on the same device! Yes, this works best on a larger device like a tablet, but we've done plenty of races as well on a phone.

Finger Derpy is our first, broadly released mobile game, and it's extremely satisfying to share the game in a simple way. I can talk to someone about making games, and tell them the name of our game, and they can play it within minutes. Before, explaining the Xbox 360 and it's special download stores, and expecting them to be able to find the game later was a definite hurdle.

Make sure you download Finger Derpy from the appropriate store, and tell your friends and family about it. It's a big help and support. Thank you!