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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double D at E3 2011

 There will be an all-new, polished, playable build of Serious Sam Double D at E3 2011 available in a behind-the-scenes capacity. What does that mean?

If you're a reporter-type just email me (Nathan) and I'll find a time slot for you to play the game.
We'll have for you some snappy demo sequences pulled from over a dozen levels of over-the-top, gun-stacking gameplay, plus some E3-special screenshots just for you.

If you won't be attending E3, don't fret! Those journalists at the show will be working hard to bring you awesome preview impressions and previously mentioned game shots.

In the meantime enjoy these screens!

Shooting up some Chimputees in the Amethystine Depths

Gorey globs gliding through the air in a challenge level.

As for actual development, we're currently adding all the polish points like robotic menu display cores and attenuating musical transitions--no Serious game's complete without 'em!