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Monday, December 1, 2008

Peak Worms, Popularity and Parties, Oh My!

Both earth and flesh hang heavy on its breath,
A howling toothy maw and knell of death.

- Dr. Roth

The New Xbox Experience launched, and with it, Weapon of Choice. It has been very exciting to say the least. Every morning, I wake up, turn on the computer and check to see where we rank in regards to popularity. (They like us, they really, really like us!) And before we go to bed, we check the Microsoft Forums. (You too can leave your comments there.)

For those of you making out your holiday wish list for Santa or Bubbie, there is a new arrival at our store. If you dig WoC's art syle, tell your loved ones about the Weapon of Choice Alien Annual Wall Calendar. You get 12 months of the hideous space creatures you love to obliterate. And as an added bonus, the delirious Dr. Roth has included Latin classifications and poetry for each one. Based on forum feedback, we have talked with WoC's music composer, Hamdija Ajanovic about producing a WoC soundtrack.

Our Atlanta launch events were great! Friday night at Waba games resulted in a speed round, played on the 200 inch screen with the music cranked up. (We never imaged that our 3 year old nieces would love the game too.) Computer Arena had a great set-up and a large crowd. It was great to have Blake Edwards, from Project Owlboy dev team, join us at both events. When I heard Bobby Blackwolf from AllGames Radio was disappointed he could not make it, I knew I had to contact him. Bobby interviewed Nathan on his 11/30 podcast. Check out the pictures from both events.