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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rage Against Charlie Sheen


INDIANA, USA– April 1, 2010 – Independent developer Mommy’s Best Games prepares to deliver cathartic release and satiric humor for the Xbox 360®. Rage Against Charlie Sheen will be fighting it’s way into gamers’ homes December 2010, also allowing them to compete globally on Xbox LIVE.

Rage Against Charlie Sheen is a ludicrous new competitive fighter in which players can use their avatars to kick the smirk off his smug mug. Each time you strike him down, he returns more virile than before, eventually becoming stronger than you can possibly imagine. Face off against Charlie in 69 ignominious iterations, allowing him to grow new appendages, weapons, and new abilities. Watch out for his powerful assaults, such as the “Coke Chin Cut,” the “Roulette Ricochet,” and the “Ho Throw.” Rage Against Charlie Sheen will feature over a dozen different environments ranging from the New York financial district to the steamy jungles of Vietnam. Mommy’s Best Games will work closely with Virgin Ululations Records to create the original rap-rock soundtrack.

“We're excited to give TV watchers and movie goers the ability to fight back for the hours lost watching banal theater and chauvinistic sitcoms.” says Nathan Fouts , Mommy’s Best Games’ President, programmer and artist. He also warns, “Be prepared for the inevitable sequels to this franchise, ‘Rage Against Seth Green: Stop Motion Strike’ and ‘Rage Against Martin Sheen: Apocalyps-o Now’.”

About Mommy's Best Games:
Mommy's Best Games, Inc. is a boutique game developer founded in 2007. MBG strives to deliver games that push the edges of the medium through gameplay, art, and pie. Weapon of Choice and Shoot 1UP, both critically acclaimed, are available now on Xbox Live Indie Games.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PAX East 2010 is almost here!

It's our first public exhibition booth and we're pulling out all the stops to make sure this one really shoots the moon!

Mommy's Best fun will be the playable preview of Grapple Buggy open to the public! (Well, as public as having a pass for the show is.)

We'll also be running a Shoot 1UP High Score competition nearly every hour the expo hall is open to the public. We'll have various gameplay speeds for the contests, so check out the times and stop by often! The prize will be appropriately absurd and fitting to Shoot 1UP.
(I can't reveal it yet, but I can tell you now it's not a metal bust of lazor bewbs--sorry, maybe some day. Anyone have friends at Hot Toys? Only thing better than lazor bewbs are fully-articulated lazor bewbs! Wait.. on second thought, that's really scary.)

When at the show, we'll have a live page for your mobile through this site here: They've been a pleasure to work with, if you're a dev, contact them for the show (or next one).

Last but not least, we'll periodically be giving out fun swag, and will have stylish Grapple Buggy shirts for sale. Accompanying those will be most excellent Weapon of Choice posters for sale, featuring a menagerie of gruesome aliens from the award-winning game.

So how's the booth coming along?

It's in a box currently, but will ship out to Boston Thursday (along with some humans).

Behold--your PAX East gaming throne!

Okay, that's Mark I. That didn't work out so well. We're getting new, bigger ones that will actually be high enough. But still it's pretty comfy.

Those are some electronic brains we'll be using to power the cool games you'll be playing.

And here is a tiny sampling all the crazy print material we'll have at the show, tons and tons of unique stuff is on the way, getting printed, shipped, and such right now.

Don't be a stranger, come on by the booth and let's play some games!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weapon of Choice in Guinness World Records 2010

We're proud to share that Weapon of Choice was recently entered into the Guinness Book of World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition! On page 57, on the two-page spread for Run and Gun Shooters, Weapon of Choice blasts it's way into history.

In a "Fact" section Weapon of Choice is listed as having the highest professionally rated release on the (then) Xbox Live Community Games channel, as aggregated by Metacritic. Weapon of Choice's Metacritic rating is 74.

The most exciting news comes in the form of a top ten list. I've always loved David Letterman's Top Ten lists, but never before did I imagine one of our games would be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Under the heading "Ten Games You Should Play in this Genre", Weapon of Choice is number 4--above even the mighty, and legendary Contra III!

Here's a pic, and the list in full:
Ten Games You Should Play in this Genre
1. Metal Slug (1996)
2. Gunstar Heroes (1993)
3. Turrican (1990)
4. Weapon of Choice (2008)
5. Contra III (1992)
6. Green Beret (1985)
7. Vectorman (1995)
8. Bionic Commando (1987)
9. Ikari Warriors (1986)
10. Alien Soldier (1995)

Keep in mind, this game is a list covering the run'n'gun genre throughout the history of video games! (Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it)

Can Shoot 1UP live up to this attention? Who knows, but Shoot 1UP's already got a GameRanking rating of 83%!