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Monday, September 14, 2009

Box Art of Choice

Along with a minor update (demo level changes to hopefully draw in more people) to Weapon of Choice, I'll also be changing the box art. There's a poll running over at acting as my "Ask the Audience Lifeline" for box art selection. I'm trying to find the one that piques people's interest the most.

I've made the image annoyingly small in order to simulate how small an area the image takes up on your TV when you're searching games on your Xbox 360.

Please detail in the comments below what you liked or didn't like and about whatever images strike your fancy.
For instance,
  1. Does the girl need that "European look" made famous in MGS2?
  2. Does the blueprint need more mauve?
  3. Is the monster a giant spider thing, or a pile of Skittles on the ground?
  4. Have the millions of dollars I've spent on brand marketing made the original box the only art you could ever love?


Eric said...

Don't like how the new ones don't really feature a logo of any sort.

The text on the first one looks the worst the way it's on the top/bottom, but the art on that one is the best (since you can actually figure out what it is even when it's that small).

So ideally, I like the original logo and the girly art. But barring that, the original box is best.

Anonymous said...

The original is hands down better than these. It stands our more, and looks more professional. The others look to "on par" with the rest of the community game covers. Might I suggest a picture of a huge awesome monster?

Unknown said...

No way, dudes. The blueprint is the best... and my mediocrity shows as that choice is winning at the poll.

Nathan Fouts said...

A hearty debate!

Eric: I'm not sure if this factors in for you automatically, but I'm not looking for the most professional one, just the one that makes you want to click on it. But again the nicest looking one may do just that--so thanks for the opinion.

Anon: Technically 3 has a giant monster on it, but just not taking up most of the image... I guess it's a thought, maybe I'll change things around again in the future.

Jon: Yes, I was really surprised people were going with the blueprint in the polls. I made that one on a whim at the last minute! I guess that's why people conduct polls.

Hunty said...

I'm not in love with any of these, but I un-love the original logo the least.

#1 is too reminiscent of X-Blades. So many other games make up for a lack of quality by having a bare midriff on their cover that I'm afraid people would (incorrectly) assume from such a cover that WoC was not worth playing. I think the jet-engine-guy's "file photo" (whose name I can't remember) would work better; it's more actiony. I do like this character's face on the game's icon, though.

#2 looks too clinical. An image of ALL (or at least most) of the weapons in color would be a big improvement, although that would still miss the crazy giant monsters which are at least as much a part of the game as the crazy variety of weapons. Just having weapons on the cover might also give the impression that it's some sort of deathmatch game.

#3 is too busy, and for someone who hasn't played the game (which is going to be almost everyone looking at the box art) it's not clear what's going on.

#4, the original box art, is kind of ambiguous, but it's an intriguing kind of ambiguous. Having the whole title on one line looks great on the title screen, but is a little squished on the box art. There also seems to be a lot of wasted space above and below the title...

So! My armchair critic suggestion for new box art is to have the "bisected monster corpse" logo at the bottom, with the jet-engine-guy's file photo above it, so it looks like he's pointing his gun down toward it.

stan said...

I prefer the blueprint, by far. It's nice and clear, and I also think it might stand out more than the others in the games list. However maybe it lacks some information about the game or an original/intriguing element.

I think the girl art looks too un-professional to be appealing, and the other two boxarts... I don't understand what it is they are supposed to be. They just look like some background.

For what it's worth :).

Anonymous said...

#1 is too obvious about what it does without being nearly attractive enough. If you're going that route you need to up the ante, do like x-blades and go for the ass shot or something.

#2 looks pretty classy to me.

#3 and #4... at this small size they just look busy.

So #2 it is for me.

Kris said...

Have you considered combining the first one with the fourth one? I like the original best personally but it could be a nice touch to include a lovely lady in there too, probably on the left or right side (so that there is still room for the title to be readable).

I'm not a big fan of 2,3 box arts.

Hunty said...

ah, the final version with the "paper effects" applied to the blueprint looks much better.

I approve! :)