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Friday, October 30, 2009

Shoot 1UP (7 day sketch)

Shoot 1UP is my entry into the Experimental Gameplay Project contest for October entitled "Numbers".
(Note: this is version is free, but unpolished--read about the nice, fancy version of the game here.)

In Shoot 1UP, you control a fighter attacking enemy aircraft infected with creepy, machine-controlling alien parasites. Your ship harnesses the alien power and is using it against them!

The twist on the vertical shooting action is that instead of gaining extra lives and taking them in turn, any time you gain an extra life that ship comes into play right then!

Inspired by the Numbers theme, when you kill an enemy ship, a new 1UP powerup is released based on the total number of player ships currently available.
For example, as you start the game you have one ship. Shoot the first alien, and you get a 1UP! Now you have 2 ships, and to get another 1UP, you have to kill 2 enemies ships... with 17 player ships, you have to destroy 17 alien fighters to increase to 18 ships!

Controls are simple with a Xbox 360 controller or the keyboard.
  • Shoot: A button / Space bar
  • Move: Left stick/ Arrow keys
  • Menus: Start and Back / Enter and Escape
  • Contract phalanx: X button / M key
  • Expand phalanx: B button / N key

Try to beat your high score with higher points, but the real challenge is getting more simultaneous ships!

Here's the free PC download for Shoot 1UP.
(Sorry folks, my ftp ate my file and it's not longer available--long story. If you have a back-up copy of this email me so I can get it back online--thanks!)
(And here's the winrar download if you need it.)

Install walkthrough:
  • Open the folder and click Startup.exe
  • This is an XNA game, as such it will need to download a Redistributable from the web.
  • If needed, it will download the Microsoft XNA Framework 3.0 Redistributable (takes a few minutes).
  • Then it asks you if you'd like to Install the Application or not. If you click yes, the game will start running.
  • If you have any tech problems, I'll try to sort them out. You can write in the comments or email me.
Shoot 1UP gameplay tips
  • The longer you play the faster the fighters attack.
  • Always collect powerups if you can squeeze through the bullets.
  • If a fighter dies, it explodes in a cyan fireball for a few seconds. This explosion destroys enemy fighters and their bullets--hide inside for temporary protection!
This version of Shoot 1UP was made in 7 days, as per the Experimental Gameplay Project contest rules.
A more polished, prettier version will soon be making its way to the Xbox 360 Indie Games section. Read about the ALL NEW pretty version to be released in January 2010!
Please enjoy!


Geichz said...

Wow thanks looks really cool man thanks for posting.

On a side note: I'm really stoked for the new update for WoC as well as the eventual release of Grapple Buggy.

Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks! Glad you like it.

Side note addressed:
Very good to hear you're excited about the new WoC update, and Grapple Buggy release.
Both are rolling along and the status of both will be addressed here on the blog in not a terribly long period of time!

Geichz said...

Wait a minute! You made this that's cool man I didn't realize.

Matthew Doucette said...

1st game: 494,000pts with 18 ships max! :)

Geichz said...

Finally got it mapped to with my crappy ass Game Element GGE910 controller (made in China bought at wal-mart)I guess I shouldn't complain works OK for games like this, OK but not great(controller).

Shoot 1UP is definitely different. I like it I'll tell you what I think of it after I've played it some more.

Geichz said...

That's really good Matt - I'm just getting the corner ship shuffle thing down. Highest score is: 195,800pts w/14 ships
But I got 16 ships w/ 93,800pts

Gabriel Ware said...

After a 30 min play and 4 persons stopping by, I can tell that it's good !

It's fun but my scores are pretty low compared to Matthew's :)

Great job doing this in 7 days (full time ?) ! I'll be waiting for your next game (as always).

Best of luck for your next game!

DMAJohnson said...

Man, I wish all my game ideas didn't always balloon in size and scope, wildly out of control. Then maybe I'd be able to make something decent in such a short time, too. XD

Thanks for sharing with us, I can't wait to try it out.

Nathan Fouts said...

Awesome guys, good to hear! And it's fun seeing scores posted. Sorry I don't save the high-scores in this version. The Xbox version will definitely save them.

If you have any thing that you'd like more out of it, please add. I'll be adding in hopefully a different level background, and more enemy variety, and possibly a boss. But if think of a different score system, or something like that, I'll consider things.

Right now I'm leaning towards it actually being more fun to get max ships, rather than max score, but I'll definitely include both.

@Nice score Matthew!
I got to 21 ships on my best run before the enemy waves started pouring in. Once that happens, it's just time to survive for points.

@Geichz, yes, this game will feature all sprite animation instead of skeletal animation like in WoC. I like both styles, but it's really fun to do something different on the side.

@DMAJohnson, I agree, you, me and tons of other devs have a problem with scope. I liked the Experimental Gameplay Project thing (promise--not taking pay from them, just like it!) in that it kept me on target. I said, 7 days, that's it. And it's a sizeable community, it seems.

I'll be posting my detailed log of what I did for Shoot 1UP, for each of the 7 days at a later point for inspection. It may be useful for others.

Geichz said...

Full game/control suggestions:

I like how you can shuffle your ships in the corner to minimize space (this has been the key for any personal improvement I've made). What I would like to see in the new game is the right analog stick used to spread out ship formation, more enemy variation and most definitely a boss. However full game should include an infinite play game mode as this demo seems to be based on. This is all the suggestions I have based on the current theme of this demo (I could say more but I don't think it would necessarily be of any help to you).

Gabriel Ware said...

Wouhou !! 20 ships !! 282900 pts !!

Nathan Fouts said...


Cool suggestion with the right stick. I've updated the main post to include some 'advanced' controls I neglected to mention.

Yes this shooter will be more 'infinite' mode than more traditional ones.

Geichz said...

OK nice ,thanks for the updated info on controls. I prefer (and would like to suggest)a right trigger shooting option but have no problem using [A] button. Good lookout on formation option glad you posted about it, thanks again.

vazor said...

This is pretty nice. Good concept, straightforward experiment. Hope it sells well for you.

Makaro said...

Oh god this shooter is great !

Thanks for your work, I will tell every people I know to buy this masterpiece !