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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feedback Incorporated

Shoot 1UP's playtesting sessions have been going really well and already yielded some nice changes. Thanks for testing everyone! It's been great trying to fold various suggestions into my overall design of the game in order to create an even stronger version.

Here's some new features that weren't initially in the game but were influenced through the recent playtests.
  • Awards system: Originally I hadn't planned for it, but it is great fun to have little extra challenges for which to strive in addition to "just beating the game" or a high score.
  • Story paintings: I had a story in mind as I was creating the game initially but wasn't sure if it was going to fit the final game. Dean Dodrill suggested I add some story element to make the game feel "complete".
  • 1UP super-bombs: Initially if you hit the 30 ship single-player max, the 1UPs just added to your score. Players wanted something more, so I decided the extra 1UPs could be triggered to act as super-bombs instead!
  • More Bosses and monsters: I love making monsters. That shouldn't be a surprise after Weapon of Choice. But initially Shoot 1UP was going to be pretty small. It's not a giant game now, but it's definitely filled out, and so far everyone's really loving all the new bosses!
The game is getting close to finish and I'm sending out preview copies to the press. It's wrapping up really nice and should be in your hands within the month!


Unknown said...

Sweet, it looks like I'll be skipping the trial and going straight for the buy.

Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks dude! I'll try not to disappoint, there should be plenty of fun abounding.

Kris said...

I'm curious how do you go about sending preview copies to the press. Did you create a windows installer or are you just sending the ccgame files? I haven't done this with my games in the past, but I'd love to be able to build some pre-release buzz.

I'll check out your changes this weekend too, looks to be pretty cool.

Getting a new TV delivered tommorrow too... Shoot1Up should look much nicer on 52" than 30".

Nathan Fouts said...

I did the 'publish' option the main trick is to not have any Framework.Net or Framework.GamerServices stuff in your windows build (at least that's what I found). If that's okay, it should work on most machines.

TV sounds sweet!

Geichz said...


Kris said...

I'll have to try that out without those references... I tried to make a click once installer with my previous game but it didn't seem to work for anyone other than me.

If Shoot1Up is still in playtest this weekend, I'd love to take a look. My weeks are booked pretty solid, weekends are really the only time I get to do any playtest/reviews.

Nathan Fouts said...

Shoot 1UP should be back in playtest (final time) for this weekend!

Gamertag Alfred Saxon said...

Hello Mr Fouts,
Can i ask you how much Shoot 1UP! will cost. I have only got 260 MS points left. I want to get your game the second it comes out. Good luck. Thank you for your time.

Nathan Fouts said...

Hi Alfred!
It's very, very likely Shoot 1UP will be only 80 MS Points.

Tell your friends and even your enemies!

Gamertag Alfred Saxon said...

Hey Nathan, I am not a student. Am i frugal with my points?, Yes i am. I thought you might try to price Shoot 1UP at 400 MS points. I am glad your selling it at only 80 MS points. There are almost 800 XBLIG as you know. So i have lots of choice as to what i can play and buy. I have bought over 60 XBLIG. I have played 200+ demos. I play indie games everyday. I buy points with my Top up (Pay as you go) Mastercard and 2100 MS points from the shop. I have spent alot of money on downloading games. I look forward to playing Shoot 1UP. If it's very good i will recommend it. I like most games so your game should easily please me. I like to have FUN when i play indie games. I love to play shmups games. Is Shoot 1UP coming out early February?.Do you have any questions for me Nathan, Don't be shy ask away. I will tell the truth. If Shoot 1UP sucks or is the best shmup on XBLIG i am going to tell you. My Gamertag is Alfred Saxon :-)

Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks for all the info!
Sometimes we devs are in a bubble when it comes to gamer habits. Though we are gamers our selves, we don't get to play as many other games as we'd like, for certain.

Yes, Shoot 1UP will very likely be 80 points. It's not the biggest shmup, but there's a lot of fun to be had with it, including an unlockable mode that changes things around a little.

I think the game is worth more, but I realize there are lots of 'action game' choices on the Indie Games service, and I'd like to get more people into playing it.

It's really great you support Indie Games so well, I'm glad you're having fun!

If you do enjoy Shoot 1UP, I'd love to hear about it (you can email me). If you don't enjoy it, I'd also like to know why, so that we may improve it, and our other games, in the future. Thanks!