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Monday, March 15, 2010

Weapon of Choice in Guinness World Records 2010

We're proud to share that Weapon of Choice was recently entered into the Guinness Book of World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition! On page 57, on the two-page spread for Run and Gun Shooters, Weapon of Choice blasts it's way into history.

In a "Fact" section Weapon of Choice is listed as having the highest professionally rated release on the (then) Xbox Live Community Games channel, as aggregated by Metacritic. Weapon of Choice's Metacritic rating is 74.

The most exciting news comes in the form of a top ten list. I've always loved David Letterman's Top Ten lists, but never before did I imagine one of our games would be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Under the heading "Ten Games You Should Play in this Genre", Weapon of Choice is number 4--above even the mighty, and legendary Contra III!

Here's a pic, and the list in full:
Ten Games You Should Play in this Genre
1. Metal Slug (1996)
2. Gunstar Heroes (1993)
3. Turrican (1990)
4. Weapon of Choice (2008)
5. Contra III (1992)
6. Green Beret (1985)
7. Vectorman (1995)
8. Bionic Commando (1987)
9. Ikari Warriors (1986)
10. Alien Soldier (1995)

Keep in mind, this game is a list covering the run'n'gun genre throughout the history of video games! (Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it)

Can Shoot 1UP live up to this attention? Who knows, but Shoot 1UP's already got a GameRanking rating of 83%!


Hanamigi said...

Too bad that in the fact section they say that weapon of choice is from 1998 XD

Nathan Fouts said...

Yeah, I agree, but I like to think they were just being nostalgic.

Geichz said...


I think reviewers should re-reviews games like weapon of choice, that have been updated with new difficulties that change so much of the gameplay.

WoC got a metacritic rating of 74 but i'm pretty sure that was before the awesome challenging new difficulty modes you released via free update, which in my opinion make a very good game so very very much better'er.

Geichz said...

Nathan Fouts wrote:

"Can Shoot 1UP live up to this attention? Who knows, but Shoot 1UP's already got a GameRanking rating of 83%!"

I don't know if it will either but I'll let you in on a secret as fun as WoC is(fun enough to still want to play even today - which is the real test of a good game isn't it? that and making you wish there was more gameplay) I have even more fun with shoot1UP.

Nathan Fouts said...

"I have even more fun with shoot1UP."
Sounds good. It's hard to argue about hearing we're improving.

Geichz said...

I just have to say(again):

The artwork to Weapon of Choice is sooooooooo unique man!!!
I finally got a word for the art style you used for WoC: Breathing the game breathes. I mean... like the artwork breathes, the game really feels like it has a life of it's own.

While it's not the first game with multilayered artwork & moving levels & backgrounds but the way it is put together is really, really good;
like the way the screen pans & zooms in and out(it's golden) or how character[s] animations are always moving, as well as the trees & other stuff as well.


With the artwork, music, game play mechanics & easy to grasp yet still tight controls -

Weapon of Choice - Unlike many other 2D shooters (progression based or otherwise)
that can sometimes really
test a gamers patience
(Example: like parts of a game that are so far away from anything you could ever consider fun, due to the difficulty of the parts being insanely frustrating & often amped up further by extremely tense music) sorry lol

let me start that over-

Weapon of choice adds up to an hypnotic, extreme relaxing
(unlike ^ see previous paragraph* lol), very fun & re-playable gaming experience.