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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Buggy Shifts Gears

I've not-so-good news, and then Awesome news.

Our current 'big' task is to get Grapple Buggy signed by a publisher to release it for Xbox Live Arcade. Oh that, and actually making the game. We want to release the game through XBLA rather than XBL Indie Games as there's more much download traffic, and higher price points.

Faster, faster!
We've been talking to various publishers and have made good headway with them, and all of them really like the look at feel of the game. But, they've all been very sluggish about actually handing out money or guaranteeing a slot for release. We've heard several responses, but the general feel is with the economy still sluggish, it's taking a lots and lots of time and back-and-forth discussions to get companies to agree to a deal. Regardless of all of that, we've been working on Grapple Buggy off and on for some time now and can't wait till gamers get to play it and have it pay off.

I hear an echo! ... an echo.... an echo...

Unfortunately that will have to wait a little while longer. After looking at the MBG coffers, we decided we needed to take a break and work on something more immediate as way to raise money for continued development of Grapple Buggy. First, thanks for purchasing Weapon of Choice and Shoot 1UP. I'm glad you liked the games and we had fun making them! As such we got to work more on Grapple Buggy, which has been looking really cool lately.

Escaping the jaws of death!
Finally, what does all this mean for you, dear gamer? That was the Awesome news: we're making another cool game! Yes! I consider asking for donations for Grapple Buggy development to be sort of lame. I mean, we make video games; we're not a charity. How about we make a new, fun game for you to play and sell that?!? Yeah, I realize it's a crazy idea.

So there you go, you have to wait longer for Grapple Buggy, but we get to hopefully remain financially solvent, and you get a new game to play. The new game will be revealed shortly, and of course after it's released, it's back to Grapple Buggy development!


Unknown said...

Looking forward to what's coming next!

Dragon Divide said...

I am really happy to hear that you are making progress finding a publisher.

I have watched your development since the beginning and it would be an inspiring story to see you guys on XBLA and provide the model for the other devs to follow.

Augus said...

Don't forget the PC.

I can only speak for me, but I assure you I'll buy everything you release for the platform.

I think you guys really deserve it! :)