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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Serious Sam Double D

Our new game, Serious Sam Double D, is part of Croteam's Serious Sam Indie Series created to help promote the new 3D game called Serious Sam 3 BFE due out later this summer!
Read more about the other games featured.

UPDATE: Here's the link for the up-to-date main page for Serious Sam Double D.

(Original post for the announcement follows:)

Once again, Sam ‘Serious’ Stone must use the Time-Lock to travel through time and destroy the enemies of humanity’s past, in order to save its future. But since his last outing, 2 important new relics have been discovered: the Gun Stacker and the Porta Pad. Only Sam is serious enough – and crazy enough – to use this untested technology.

All that stands between victory and annihilation is a man with a T-shirt and jeans… and a great big pile of guns.

  • One gun sometimes not enough? Two still too wimpy? Try firing all your guns at once with the Gun Stacker system!
  • New Enemies in glorious 2D! Serious Sam Double D brings the crazy with new creatures like the flying Chimputee and the Etanoh Salvo Spider!
  • Porta Pad technology: Secret technology to be revealed at PAX East this weekend!

Remember if you're at PAX East this weekend, come by the Devolver Digital booth (I-16 in the "Indie Alley") to play a demo of Serious Sam Double D!

Screenshots and art below (they may load a little slow, but they're worth it! Click for full resolution.)

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Max Shrek said...

Looks cool! One day, they'll write songs about the "Gun Stacker"

Joel said...

Pay day, so I will probably get it. It is pity that It doesn't have online co-op. It is harder for my brother and I to play it local co-op.

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