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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mission Small Business

UPDATE: We've gotten enough votes to enter the contest, thank you all!


We're working towards a grant from Chase bank and Livingsocial for $250,000, but we need your vote of confidence!

In order to be officially considered, we need 250 votes by June 30th. Please do us the honor of voting for Mommy's Best Games for a chance at this excellent grant funding.

With this funding we would be able to increase the speed of our game development and expand releases to many more consoles and mobile platforms!

To vote you have to visit their site, search for "Mommy's Best Games" and click the "Vote" button.
It's quick and easy as 1-2-3, but it does require a Facebook login <wince> please bear with it!
Here's what to do:
1. Visit

2. Scroll down and click "LOG IN & SUPPORT" on the lower right. This will require a Facebook login. 


3. In the "business name" section (lower left) search "Mommy's Best Games"


Thanks so much for your help and time, and please tell your gamer friends!

Tech info:
Because the link to searching and voting is behind the FB login, there's no simple way for me to provide a straight link to the vote button. It's pretty obnoxious and we've tried for a while to suss out a link, but there's no way I can see. Thanks a ton for seeing this through!


Alejandro Martinez said...

It's sooooo great to have seen you get that far in the game... since the very firsts DBP. Inspiring to everybody.
Good luck with that!

Probably you are already aware: the link on the voting page doesn't work, for me it took me to my main facebook page not a Mommy's Best Games one.

Edward said...

Voted as well!
Best of luck to you and MBG, Nathan!

Nathan Fouts said...

Thank you. And I think the MBG link automatically goes to FB (as Chase designed it). Click Vote (I included a picture too now) on the right.

Thanks Edward!

Nick Puleo said...


Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks Nick!

Sean Colombo said...

Voted. You're up to 152 :)

Dino said...

Supported as well. I hope MBG gets it!

Helena said...


Masakari said...

Voted! Hope you guys get it! :)