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Thursday, February 28, 2013

XXL Love for Serious Sam Double D

Serious Sam Double D XXL is out now on XBLA--go download the demo if you've not yet!
Critics are chiming in with some intense praise, see what they have to say. (I bolded the best parts :)

Gaming Nexus, 85/100:
"DD XXL is more than an expansion; it’s a downloadable title that delivers its worth ten times over."

Gaming Age, A-
"It may seem like a risk at first, but once you play it, you'll be hooked on Serious Sam DD XXL. At 800MSP… this is one of those games that just, feels right."

Official Xbox Magazine, 7/10
"Unloading a huge spray of deadly projectiles at crowds of goofball opponents can be awfully fun, and it’s made more enjoyable by the game’s surprising amount of variety.

Game Critics, 9/10
"XXL managed to blow me away again, this time offering five different variants of each of the game's firearms, for a total of 40 different weapons that can be bought and assembled in any way imaginable." 

Venture Beat, 82/100
"Serious Sam Double D XXL is a tongue-in-cheek, delightfully violent love letter to the 2D shooters of old that manages to build upon the genre while reminding us why we enjoyed playing them in the first place."

Indie Statik,
"Do you want a loud, ridiculous and improbable game that does like no other game on earth?"

Enjoy the launch trailer!

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