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Thursday, August 11, 2016

No Pig's Sky

I'd like to introduce you to our upcoming game.

Pig Eat Ball is a science-fiction game set in a finite, carefully-designed galaxy.
Every object in the game was placed by our team, intentionally, with purpose. Every pixel, every sound effect, every gameplay mechanic was made with the sole intention of making the best action-adventure game about barfing ever dreamed.

A Truly Barfy Universe

Whether a distant ball or a pillbug playing tennis on the horizon, you can barf on it.
Barf on balls. Barf on walls. Barf on pillbugs. Barf on floors. The galaxy is yours to soil.

Unique is Playing Things You've Never Played Before 

Eat dozens of balls. Grow fat. Barf your guts out. Slurp it back up.
Dodge sizzling frying pans. Race space pigs to make sandwiches.
Battle Accordion Centipedes. Break toilets. Get pillbugs drunk.

Compete in the Royal Games

With every level, in every space station, you are vulnerable. Vulnerable to losing your future. You must win the Royal Games or your crack-pot, cake-headed father will force you into marriage. But you can choose. You can choose to barf your way to freedom.

The Team

Pig Eat Ball is being developed by Mommy's Best Games, a tiny indie studio in Indiana, USA. We previously made Shoot 1UP and Serious Sam DD XXL, but now we're casting our eyes to the toilet.


Pig Eat Ball is coming in 2017. Follow us on Twitter, and on the game's Official Facebook page.
Get ready to pig out.

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