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Monday, January 15, 2024

Mommy's Best Year in Review: 2023

I have two and a half BIG stories from 2023 for Mommy's Best Games. 

The first is that I bought the back catalog IP from another game company!

The second is a secret, but it involves the next HUGE, original Mommy's Best Games production.

And the half story is that I built a full-sized arcade machine, from scratch!

Yes, back in June I announced that I bought all the game rights from the company Occidental Designs.


Occidental Designs office in St Louis, circa 1985

Most people haven't heard of them, but they made some truly excellent arcade and console games in the 80s and 90s. I want to right that historic wrong and get Occidental Designs the attention and respect their games deserve! 

One of their best games was Bumpy Grumpy, a fast-paced racer in which you are trying to get to work through loads of traffic. It's super fun, has a familiar, yet original gameplay, and is white-knuckle excitement.We are currently putting together a port of the game and will be releasing it this year to Steam!


Wishlist on Steam:

Please wishlist the game on Steam and let me know if you would like to playtest the port before it releases! Just email me, nathan at mommysbestgames dot com.

In related Bumpy Grumpy news, I ended up actually building an arcade cabinet to showcase the game. It's based on some designs we found of the original machines, even though we couldn't actually find an in-tact cabinet from back then. 

I plan to do more blog posts about the building of the machine, as it was a tough but fun project to undertake. In the meantime, here's the final result!

And finally, the reason I've not posted much on the blog this year, and for the past few years is that I've been working on a secret, new project. It is a new, proper Mommy's Best Games project that is dear to my heart. I love run n gun games with awesome monsters and insane gameplay. And in 2024, finally, I get to share with you our next project. 

Time to get pumped for 2024!

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