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Thursday, November 18, 2010

ExplosionadEditor Preview

Making Explosionade and designing all those intricate little rooms to house intelligent and nasty aliens was a lot of fun. It's garnered a lot of praise and we're really proud of it. We used an in-house editor written in Dark Basic to build Explosionade levels.

Early view of the public ExplosionadEditor with a level jam-packed with dangers.
Because it was used internally there were lots of little quirks we let go by. But what if we let everyone use the level editor? Wouldn't that be cool to see what kinds of crazy designs that could be created?
To that end, the ExplosionadEditor has been getting more polish and more features to make it suitable for mass usage. 

Here we see the visual picking tool, which lets you find any gameplay object with ease.
Of course the question on the tip of your tongue may be: Why would I use an ExplosionadEditor if I can only play Explosionade on my 360? That looks like a PC editor, with a mouse--not something I can use on my Xbox 360.

That's true.. it's not for the 360.. if only there were a version of Explosionade coming to the PC soon. If only... then maybe it would include a built-in editor, and the game would let you play custom levels or even custom campaigns... if only. (We should have a formal announcement soon! :)

Check out the video showing a room idea going from sketch, to design, to play!


Discoalucard said...

!!! Fantastic! Will be looking forward to this!

Anonymous said...

Explosionade postmortem?

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Thank you soooo much. love love love this game and can't wait for grapple buggy. Keep up the good work MBG

Kevin said...

Explosionade might be coming to the PC nice. Just wondering, I have a Logitech dual analog controller. XNA seems to only support the XBOX 360 one is there a work around, or I'm I just screwed?

Shoot 1Up PC maybe?

Nathan Fouts said...

Thanks everyone!

I'm not sure if we'll get to a post mortem, I'll see. Thanks for your interest. If there's a particular area of development you're curious about, just ask (even in the comments) and I'll address it directly.

Yup, we're still working on Grapple Buggy too. I'm looking at redesiging some aspects of it. Once those changes are more complete (it will be a while) I'll reveal more.

So you've used other XNA programs/games and they don't recognize your logitech controller? You may be screwed then, as I don't think we have access that low (sorry).
Any game will do on PC will run with mouse/keyboard as well (I'm working on robust key mapping too).

Shoot 1UP PC... we'll see!

Invader Zim said...

I remember you posted some example code for Explosionade. It was the one showing how you have the enemies throw grenades at the player. Using trajectory.

I was just wondering, how did you do the enemy gun torrent aiming? I have checked Google, but the problem is I'm not sure what an equation like that is called.


Nathan Fouts said...

@Invader Zim
Yes, I showed our grenade throwing equation here:

As for the turret aiming code, it gets a little tricky since the turrets (in Explosionade) can be placed in any position, and require angle limits.

I'll see about writing a new dev log post regarding the math.

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