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Monday, August 29, 2022

Game Type DX: Advanced Abilities and Strategies


Game Type DX comes out soon to the Xbox, Switch, and Playstation, therefore I am putting together some basic and more advanced strategies!

Here is the video version:


And here is the written version:

Time Pulse 

A lot of shooters have a “super bomb” attack which does enemy damage and wipes bullets from the screen. Game Type DX doesn’t have a regular super bomb, because Game Type DX is pretty weird. 

But … it's good weird.

The Time Pulse is great because it slows down time as you use it. But it does not do enemy damage. It does however allow you cancel bullets, but it requires the use of the Kick Beam to do that. The Kick Beam is useful for killing enemies, since it is powerful, but it is limited because you need to power up the Kick Beam with cash drops. 

Use the Time Pulse. Now shoot enemy bullets with  your Kick Beam.

Enemy bullets are turned into cash drops. Suck in cash and get loads of points!

What do the cash drops do? Well, they do a lot of things. 

Cash drops

  1. give you points.
  2. increase your multiplier.
  3. reset your multiplier timer.
  4. increase your Kick Beam power.

How do we get cash drops? 

From killing enemies, but also from destroying their shots. We can destroy enemy shots with the Kick Beam while the Time Pulse is active. You simply tap the button to use a Time Pulse, then start shooting the Kick Beam. As you shoot enemy bullets they turn to cash drops AND you can contribute to getting another Time Pulse. 

Chaining Points and Powers 

The is the real power cycle in the game. In the bottom middle of the HUD is an enemy bullet icon, and a number. As you destroy enemy bullets with your Kick Beam during a Time Pulse, this number drops. When it hits 0, you get a new Time Pulse. Chaining this effect is the secret to huge points. Find a spot where there’s lots of enemy bullets, then use the Time Pulse and shoot all the enemy bullets. As you shoot, you’ll possibly get another Time Pulse to keep it going! Eventually you’ll run out of enemy bullets to milk, but this is a great strategy. 

Chaining Method:

  1. Use Time Pulse
  2. During Time Pulse, shoot Kick Beam at enemy shots. 
  3. Destroy so many shots like this, that you gain a new Time Pulse.
  4. Allow loads of cash drops to flow toward and gain you points.
  5. Use another Time Pulse and do it again!

Show Me the Bullets

But you need lots of enemy shots to do this! Where are they?

Well, there are three modes to the game. Two of the modes, have hand-designed, static level layouts. Each time you play the levels stay the same. You can memorize the levels in these two modes, and predict where to be each time and improve your score. 

You’ll want to remember where lots of enemies (like the crabs) come out and spray the screen with bullets. And you’ll want to use the Time Pulse here, then shoot all their bullets with your Kick Beam and get tons of cash drops, and points. You can then get another Time Pulse this way, or even a Time Pulse powerup that is sometimes floating around. 

The third game mode has a lot more variety of enemy setups, but is also randomized every time you play! Once you get too good at the hand-made modes, you can try out the “Surprise” mode for more variety. 

No Hoarding

Make sure you use Time Pulses pretty often. You get a new one each time you beat a Loop, and you can get them as a floating powerup. Make sure to catch those powerups! 

A new Time Pulse powerup is floating near the middle of the screen. Grab it!

That's the general idea for the Time Pulse and chaining points. Remember Game Type DX comes out everywhere soon. Here are the store pages:

Thanks for playing and happy shooting!

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