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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Game Type DX: Basic Abilities and Strategies


Ahead of Game Type DX releasing soon on consoles, here is an overview of Hoodie Girl's basic abilities. There's plenty of detail in here, even for players of the original version. Enjoy!

Here is the Video version of the article, for sitting and listening.


And here is the readable article version!


Slap Shot

As you start the game, your basic attack is called the Slap Shot. It fires forward, and up and down. You can simply hold the button for constant shooting. A lot of the enemies come from the right side of the screen, so your forward shot does the work. But many other enemies come from up/down/behind which is when your back hand is really helpful. 


You start able to shoot forward, up and down.

Several enemies are really important to take out quickly. Mainly the cats. The dang cats keep shooting as long as they are on screen. Each Loop of the game, the cats can shoot more. Once you get pretty far into the game, they are a simple enemy, but really nasty. Use your side shots to take them out from all angles. 

Enemies coming in from the bottom are perfect targets for your down shot.

Double Tap

Another feature is to tap the shot button quickly. The benefit is, at the start of the tap, you get double-shots stacked up, not just one bullet but two. It's physically tough to take advantage of this all the time though, since you'll have to keep tapping constantly, but occasionally the extra firepower can help.

Power Up

In the original release, there were no powerups, but now in the DX version there are several types. One of the new powerups is the Gun Up. Each time you grab them, you gain a new angle of shots. This only powers up your Slap Shot. (You cannot power up your Kick Beam.)

Here the Slap Shot is near fully powered.


You’ll max out your Slap Shot after a while, which will look like this, with 4 bullets going to the left, and 3 bullets going to right. Try your best to simultaneously line up all these bullets onto actual enemies for maximize efficiency! 


You don’t get extra points or power from killing things in very close proximity, but what naturally happens is all your forward shots can hit a bit enemy. (Some shmups grant your attacks more power, or you get more points if you point-blank enemies.) So in some ways “point-blanking” does work well, if you can memorize when the big enemies show up. I like to run up quickly on the green SUVs and the Orange symbols and get in some concentrated hits. 

Kick Beam 

The Kick Beam is your mega shot like from other games, but here it is powered by cold, hard cash. You get cash drops from killing enemies. The cash drops do a lot of things, including giving you points, but they also power up your Kick Beam. 


Your Kick Beam slows your movement, but gives you a strong forward shot. Plus you get to yell “Parkour”, so that’s just plain fun! 

(Bullet) Slow Down

The Kick Beam is strong, and focused, but another benefit is it slows down enemy bullets in its path. This is great for giving you some space from oncoming attacks. Watch out though because the enemy bullets speed back up after they leave the Kick Beam's area of influence! 

Look closely in the middle,
the pink bullets all bunched up are a result
of the Kick Beam hitting them.

Cash Infusion

Because the Kick Beam is powered by cash drops you’ll often need to stop shooting for just a moment, then keep shooting again. When you stop, all active cash drops start homing towards you. You can chain this nicely by holding shoot, letting off for a split second, then holding shoot again, killing more enemies and powering up your beam with the cash drops that fly at you. 

If you stop shooting,
all the active cash swarms toward you and gives you points.

The final, amazing use of the Kick Beam is to turn enemy bullets themselves into cash drops! But we’ll get into that strategy in another post. 

Until then... PARKOUR!!!

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